About Kenya


Kenya is located in the East Africa Region and its capital city is Nairobi. Kenya boasts a diversity of sandy beaches at the coast, the magnificent view of the snow peaked Mount Kenya to the diverse habitats in the break taking Rift Valley with its abundant wildlife that Includes the world- renowned wildebeest migration in the Maasai Mara. There is little seasonal variation in temperature in Kenya. There is much more variation between the coastal and low lying regions and the high plains and mountain regions. The game parks have a pleasant climate with warm days and cooler evenings year round.
There are two rainy seasons – the long rains during April and May and the short rains in November. The rest of the year is classified as dry season.


The local unit of currency is the Kenya Shilling. Bank notes are available in denominations of Ksh50, 100,200,500, and 1,000.
Credit cards are accepted at an increasing number of establishments in Kenya and most automated Teller Machines (ATM’s) accept International VISA and MASTERCARD Cards. ATM’S are found at airports, banks, shopping malls, petrol stations.
Traveler’s Cheques are the best and safest way to bring money with you to Kenya and most hotels and service providers accept them.


Visitors coming to Kenya from outside East Africa require a visa. Full details of the requirements are available from the respective Kenya Mission offices abroad.


The power supply is at the UK/ European standard voltage of 220/240, and power sockets are the U.K. square pin type. On safari, most lodges’ power supplies are from generators, and these are often turned off during parts of the day and night to reduce noise and fuel consumption.


It is generally recommended to drink only bottled mineral water which is readily available everywhere. Food varies in Kenya according to the different culture specialties. Most common Staple food in Kenya is Ugali (Pap) and Sukuma Wiki (Kales).


The official language of Kenya is Kiswahili. There is a wide usage and understanding of English especially in Major Urban areas.



Main Airport in Kenya is the Jomo Kenyatta International (JKIA) in Nairobi. Other Airports Include the Wilson Airport in Nairobi which Handles light aircrafts and quite a number of schedules and chartered domestic flights and airstrips located strategically within the Game Parks connecting to Nairobi.


Ferry services are available at the Likoni Ferry connecting the North Coast and the South Coast. This service is free for commuters but vehicles are charged a fee.


AG Safari Adventures offers car hire and Taxi services while in Kenya. Our Car Hire services come with a driver and they are good and convenient way of getting around the country.


While on Safari AG Safari Adventures will provide either 4by4 Vehicle or a 7 seating Capacity Van specifically designed for safari purposes. While in Major towns one can explore the common 14 seater public matatu and 25 seater minibuses.